Carbohydrates- Good or Bad?

The last few years, carbohydrates have become seriously maligned – just like fat in the 90s, and calories a little after that. And just like with those topics, the truth is a little more complicated than some would have you believe. On the one hand, carbohydrates are critical to keep your body and mind running. On the other hand…not all carbs are created equal.


Are you keen to start supporting yourself and your family with growing your own vegetables in your garden? This is the perfect beginners guide to starting your own vegetable garden. Some vegetables are difficult to grow and struggle to start but these three below are the perfect starting point


When someone says cooking something from scratch is as easy as buying it ready-made, it’s usually just not true. But hummus comes really close. You throw everything in a food processor, flip the switch, and it’s pretty much done.

Why eat Avocado?

Everyone LOVES avocado, I don’t think I have ever met anyone that doesn’t. Avocado is an interesting fruit because most fruits consists primarily of carbohydrate, avocado is high in healthy fats.
Eating avocado has numerous health benefits, which has been supported by science.

A full day of vegan valentine meals!

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. On this holiday, you get a chance to spend it with those you love or to truly spoil yourself! Splurging on Valentine’s Day with luscious chocolates and sugary candies is the best part! Unfortunately, a lot of these treats are not vegan-friendly.

What is Gluten?

Gluten has become quite a controversial topic nowadays and most sources claim that it is safe for everyone except those who have celiac disease but then again, some other health experts believe that gluten is harmful to most people.

10 Vegan Sources of Protein

Vegan diets don’t have to be low in protein, infact they can be above the protein content of a ‘Meat-eater’. These 10 vegan protein sources make it easy to get your protein fill if you’re eating a plant-based diet.

Egg Replacement

Replacing eggs in a baking recipe usually requires special considerations — does the substitute have the same moisture, protein, and fats as a large egg does?

The 10 best non-dairy vegan milk alternatives

Although plant milks have been consumed for centuries in various cultures, their popularity has skyrocketed over the past decade. People choose plant milk over dairy milk for a variety of reasons. Whether it is for their nutritional value, animal-welfare reasons, lower environmental impact, to avoid lactose or dairy milk allergens, or simply out of preference, there are many great options to try.

What is Tofu?

Tofu is one of those foods that sparks debate.

Some can’t rave enough about its health benefits, while others declare that it is a genetically-modified poison to be avoided at all costs.

This may leave you wondering whether you should eat tofu or not.

This blog looks at what tofu is and whether it is healthy or not.